The 4D Hockey Academy & Exclusive Development Program is designed for athletes that aspire to play College, Junior, & Pro hockey.  The Academy was born from experiencing firsthand how other programs operate, lighting a fire within us and wanting to provide a more personal and meaningful program for on-line and homeschooled athletes.  Our vision and approach are simple but effective; “to provide an environment that will help athletes build a solid personal foundation, enabling them to achieve their goals in academics, sports, and life.”

We connect academics, on ice training, off ice sports performance, athletic recovery, cognitive, & mental performance together to help improve the student athlete. We care about each student’s future in both sports and life. Knowing that all athletes learn and train differently, we’ve designed the Exclusive Development Program within the 4D Hockey Academy as a personalized system based around each athletes’ schooling, club team schedule, and personal mental growth. This allows us to work with the student athlete to better recognize & understand their individual needs to help them improve and reach their goals

  • Daily On Ice Training at Buffalo Wild Wings Arena
  • In House Teacher to Coordinate & Assist w/ Online Schoolwork
  • Daily Individual Sports Performance Plans
  • State-of-the-Art Skating Treadmill
  • Synthetic Ice Shooting
  • Cognitive VR Training with Sense Arena
  • Individual Game Video Analysis
  • Goaltender Coaching by Clayton Brown of Iconic Goaltending
  • Mental Performance Training
  • In House Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Injury Recovery
  • Muscle Recovery Room
  • Concussion Recovery
  • Doctor Referrals