• Apr. 11, 2016 - May. 12, 2016

Pre-Draft Training Program:

This program is perfect for the player preparing for spring training camps and tryout camps. Players will be kept in “game shape”, while continuing to develop and strengthen core skill groups. Program focus: power skating, explosiveness, quickness, stick handling, puck protection, deception, under handling, combining hand skills with foot skills.

4D Hockey Pro Development Training

4D Hockey Training have help Brendan Cheslock and his Kingsville Kings through a winning streak in the GMHL.

Head skills coaches Petr Tichy and Bob Mainhardt plus professional guest coaches.

Players Skate 3 times a week at Hazel Park Arena. Junior, College, Professional  players will be present.  Max 18 skaters per group


Camp Details

Date: April 11th  through May 9th (5 weeks 22.5 hours of on ice training)
Every week 3 Skill Development practices 1.5 hours on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Group A  (Junior, College, Pros) max 18 players
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: Hazel Park
Group B (Junior, College, Pros) max 18 players
Time:  4:30pm – 6:00pm
Location: Hazel Park

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4D Hockey Pre-Draft Training Program

Maybe you’ve been playing hockey since kindergarten. Maybe the ice is in your blood. Whatever the dream or desire, you want to be in the NHL – and you can be, with the right pre-draft training program.

The 4D Hockey Pre-Draft Training Program is ideal for the player who is preparing for spring hockey training camps and hockey tryout camps. Players will be kept in “game shape” while continuing to develop and strengthen core skill groups. As an established and long-time hockey player, you know that maintaining your endurance and religiously conditioning all year through is critical to excellent game play, not only individually but as part of a team.

Take your hockey skills to the next level.

Put yourself on track to becoming a professional hockey player.

Become a better hockey player. Join the 4D Hockey Off-Season Pro Training Program and prepare yourself to compete for a place in the AAA Hockey League, Junior Hockey, NCAA hockey, the American Hockey League, and, ultimately, the National Hockey League.

Hockey Skills Development Covered in the Pre-Draft Training Program

The 4D Hockey Pre-Draft Training Program focuses on developing and reinforcing the following skills:

  • Power skating: Proper skating technique – balance, edges, turns, crossovers forward and back, straight, speed, agility – will be the focus in order to correct mistakes and eliminate bad habits. The goal is also to create good muscle memories to improve and maximize a hockey player’s potential.
  • Stick handling: The focus will be on handling the puck in all different situations, from small areas to open areas, and at different speeds. Various techniques for making hockey moves at different speeds will be covered, as well as protecting the puck in a range of high-pressure and low-pressure situations.
  • Shooting: Players will learn about different types of shooting – reshoot, snapshot, slapshot, backhand shot – and practice how to manage these shots at varying rates of speed. Learn how to fake a shot, take a shot in small areas, and become adept at shooting no matter the position or constraints.
  • Passing and receiving the puck: Hone puck skills, such as passing with moving feet, receiving the puck while skating, passing in a small area, quick passing, and more.

Additional pre-draft training skills covered will include:

  • Explosiveness
  • Quickness
  • Puck protection
  • Deception
  • Under handling
  • Combining hand skills with foot skills

Each hockey technique will be taught and practiced first in isolation, eventually working up to combining hand skills with foot skills.

No matter what position you play on the ice, pre-draft training for all of these skill sets is invaluable for your future hockey career. Uninterrupted training is critical to developing the work ethic demanded of a professional athlete. And no other sport requires the kind of endurance that hockey does. Prove that you are worthy of a spot at the professional level with off-season and in-season pre-draft training.

Individual and group video analysis will be part of the 4D Hockey Pre-Draft Training Program which is operated by head skills coaches Petr Tichy and Bob Mainhardt. Training will also include visits from professional guest coaches.


1555 E Woodward Heights Blvd, Hazel Park, Michigan, 48030, United States

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    I wanted to start off by saying “AWESOME”. I am so pleased with the level of instruction you provided for my son. Not only do you work on skating (edges, power-strokes, proper form) but also stick-handling and shooting, “The COMPLETE Package”. I have used your services for my son’s team practices and also private lessons. After each session, I have a smile on my face. I would “Highly Recommend” your services to all levels of hockey players/teams.

    Coach JJ

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