Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning

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    Off-Ice Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Programs

    Functional Movement is Key

    • Our off-ice strength and conditioning training sessions are centered around functional movement that directly translates to today’s game of speed, agility and explosiveness.
    • Coupled with the off-ice and on-ice testing, this will provide us data driven guidance into areas of weakness and also strengths, ultimately gaining the most productive outcome in the critical off-ice strength and conditioning component of development.
    • Our off-ice training will be offered in individual, small group and team settings and run by professionals with years of experience and education behind their valuable coaching.

    Off-Ice Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Programs Led with NHL Experience

    4D Trainers make the difference

    David Boyer joins 4D with the opening of the training center and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge through his academic and professional history.

    • 6 years Strength & Conditioning Coach, NBA Detroit Pistons
    • 2 years Head Athletic Trainer, NHL Florida Panthers
    • 3 years Head Athletic Trainer, NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
    • 5 years Head Athletic Trainer / Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, IHL Detroit Vipers
    • Bachelor of Sciences in Sports Medicine
    • Masters in Sports Psychology
    • Certification by the National Athletic Trainer Association, National Strength & Conditioning Association, and Human Movement Specialist
    • 30 years of Clinical Sports Rehabilitation
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