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Off-Ice Hockey Skill Training Sessions available:


Functional Stick Handling

During your session, coaches work with players on specific drills that reinforce the proper stick handling techniques. Functional stick handling training creates more efficient movement patterns during sports leading to enhanced athletic performance.Functional training combines the training of mobility, stability, strength, balance, and power to improve performance and biomechanical efficiency.

  • Stick handling, passing & shootingfunctional-stick-handling-4dhockey-detroit
  • Dryland training techniques in a fun environment
  • Help players read the play and make the proper decisions.
  • Drills focus on puck movement, body control and position and more
  • Forehand/backhand passing and receiving, Dekeing, One-  timers, Creativity


When signing up for a session please include “off-ice hockey skills” in the subject area & add the players name, birth year, & the day and time that you would like to train. 4D will contact you to confirm your training session after your request is recieved

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