Our off-ice strength and conditioning training sessions are centered around functional movement that directly translates to todays game of speed, agility and explosiveness.

Coupled with the off-ice and on-ice testing, this will provide us data driven guidance into areas of weakness and also strengths, ultimately gaining the most productive outcome in the critical off-ice strength and conditioning component of development.

Our off-ice training will be offered in individual, small group and team settings and run by professionals with years of experience and education behind their valuable coaching.

Additional to the functional strength and conditioning programs, we will also offer training on our state of the art skating treadmill. These sessions will run for 50 min. to 80 min. (Individual or Small Group) and will be directly ran by one of our coaches for direct immediate feedback. We will have more exciting details to come regarding this service!

Outside of the skating treadmill, we will also have other off-ice skill services available in the  facility for individual, small group, or team training such as:

  • Off-ice Private Shooting Training
  • Off-ice Private Stick Handling Training
  • Open Gym Shooting/Stick Handling

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    I wanted to start off by saying “AWESOME”. I am so pleased with the level of instruction you provided for my son. Not only do you work on skating (edges, power-strokes, proper form) but also stick-handling and shooting, “The COMPLETE Package”. I have used your services for my son’s team practices and also private lessons. After each session, I have a smile on my face. I would “Highly Recommend” your services to all levels of hockey players/teams.

    Coach JJ

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