Welcome to our advanced analytical on-ice testing that provides the most accurate depiction of specific developmental areas. This testing software provides instant measurements for a large variety of skating and puck handling drills that allows our staff to have an objective overview of where a players lacks, or shows great strength, thus allowing for a targeted approach to our additional training sessions.

Moreover, we will compile a players profile and provide reports that go into detail of the measurements taken, along with the ability to compare the results against others in the same birth year/talent level. Most importantly, we can track the development of each individual player to know if we are seeing the upward trajectory in their development.

As mentioned earlier, our testing system will measure these following areas (not limited to):

  • Straight line top end speed
  • Straight line speed with puck control
  • Explosiveness off of first strides
  • Crossover speed
  • Crossover speed with the puck
  • Agility off of stops and starts
  • Conditioning
  • Agility through turns/transitions

All of these areas, and more, create an overall picture of what needs to be targeted for each individual, providing us the most accurate approach to their training.

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    I wanted to start off by saying “AWESOME”. I am so pleased with the level of instruction you provided for my son. Not only do you work on skating (edges, power-strokes, proper form) but also stick-handling and shooting, “The COMPLETE Package”. I have used your services for my son’s team practices and also private lessons. After each session, I have a smile on my face. I would “Highly Recommend” your services to all levels of hockey players/teams.

    Coach JJ

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