Core team skill development during the season and off the season. We practice with your team to train them on overall hockey skills.
    We can help any player or team improve all aspects of their game. We offer quality, supplemental training service that provide the “best in class” hockey development for local organizations, teams and coaches. Consulting services include coach training, athletic performance, tryout & evaluation, team practice services, core skills & tactile development training and more. 4D Hockey Training is available for private individual lessons or private team lessons. Coaches work with players on skating techniques focusing on any specific needs.
    We utilize functional training for the development of all primary hockey skills—skating, stick handling, shooting and passing. With our off-ice functional training clinics we combine the training of mobility, stability, strength, balance, and power to improve performance and biomechanics efficiency. This creates more efficient movement patterns during sports that leads to enhanced athletic performance. 4D Hockey also offers spring skill clinics that provide players an opportunity to focus on skating, stick handling, shooting, agility, power and technique that may otherwise be overlooked during the busy hockey season.
    The Physical Therapy Center for Sports and Performing Arts is located within the 4D Hockey Training Center which provides a positive, athletic and fun environment for your rehabilitation experience. Additionally, our location allows for the unique opportunity to utilize the center’s advanced strength, agility, flexibility and balance testing software. The Physical Therapy Center for Sports and Performing Arts is owned by Dr. Alex Patterson Tichy, PT, DPT, who has extensive experience treating performing artists and athletes in a variety of sports.
    4D Hockey Offers supplemental training services that provide the “best in class” hockey development for local organizations, teams and coaches in the following areas.

    • COACHING DEVELOPMENT, Team Practices, Core Skills and Tactical development training, Skill Analysis Training, Bench Management, Teaching Skills & Role of the Coach, Season Planning, Practice Planning, Team systems and strategies, Effective parent communication, Physical &, Mental Performance, Checking and body contact training, Conditioning, Off ice hockey skills training – Stick handling/Shooting, Game situation / Hockey sense development, Fore-checking systems, Defensive Zone systems, Entries and offensive attack options, Face off reading and reaction, Transition reading and reaction, Power play & Penalty killing.
    • ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, Nutrition Education, Agility, Balance & Education Acceleration, Speed, Quickness Training, Hand/Eye Coordination, Strength & Power Training, Pilates Core Strength Program, Energy System Development, Flexibility and Stability Training, Off-Ice “Hockey Specific Training”
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