Off-Ice Training Videos

Off-Ice Training Videos

Functional Stick Handling

Functional stick handling training creates more efficient movement patterns during sports leading to enhanced athletic performance. Functional training combines the training of mobility, stability, strength, balance, and power to improve performance and biomechanical efficiency.

  • Stick position
  • Dryland exercises
  • Drills focus on puck movement, body control and position and more
  • Hand and body position
  • Deking

Off-Ice Shooting

Off-Ice shooting allows players to work on their shooting technique at home in a comfortable controlled setting. These videos show the proper technique that 4D coaches teach on the ice and ask players to work on at home.

  • Shooting Technique
  • Body and hand position
  • Application of power
  • Balance
  • Advanced shooting techniques

Off-Ice Balance and Stability

Balance and stability are some of the most beneficial exercises to work on at home.

The videos in this series will focus on exercises that help players build strength in the muscle groups that directly correlate to balance while skating.

  • Balance drills
  • Resistance band drills
  • Exercises focusing on specific muscle groups.

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4D Hockey’s Off-Ice video series, is a compilation of the basic skills that players need to improve their game. In this series we will cover all aspects of personal skill, such as Stick handling, shooting, passing, balance, mobility, strength and cardio.

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